Who are we?

We are a diverse team of professionals combining years of experience, passion and complementary skillsets to solve your valuation problems with a combination of technical excellence and creative thinking.


Jason is a born and bred valuation specialist.

Despite being a qualified engineer, Jason developed a love of investing in companies and using the mystic art of valuations to understand what they ‘should’ be worth. This led him to start his career within a dedicated valuations practice of a Big 4 firm, where he honed his skills over 10 years dealing with the biggest and most complex valuation challenges.

He then brought this technical excellence to a mid-market professional services firm where a greater commercial focus was required, working with small to medium size business owners who were truly invested in the outcomes. After seven years and having become a Partner, Jason felt greater things could be achieved outside the constraints of a large audit and accounting focused firm, and so Valhu was born.

Today, Jason gets tremendous joy from helping companies and individuals solve their valuation problems with a combination of technical excellence and creative thinking – whilst also being able to make a bigger difference to the world through Valhu.


With 10 years experience as an auditor, not much gets past Aga. She’s all over the numbers and the detail, and always asks challenging questions about why things are the way they are. She put these skills to good use with a stint in London as the Financial Controller of an international organisation to broaden her experience.

Aga eventually saw the light and brought her relentless drive and scrutiny to the valuations world – which is all the better for it.

Aga loves a new challenge, a new problem, a new way of looking at things – what better place to use her super-powers than in the realm of valuations.

She’s also passionate about doing big things and changing the world (or a piece of it), and Valhu is her vehicle of choice to make this happen.


With her Visual Arts qualifications contrasting her Accounting degree, Bec brings colour and creativity to Valuations.

She knows accounting and financial analysis inside-out, having worked in the Business Advisory and Assurance and Corporate Finance divisions of a professional services firm for over nine years – which became a great foundation for launching her Valuations career many years ago.

With years of experience combining this logical, rational approach to valuation problems with some creative flair, Bec has all the qualities of a Valhuation guru.

Intangibles are where she really shines – if you’re looking to dissect the value of your business and understand the intangible asset values, or put a figure on the obscure, Bec’s the one to call.

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