What do we do?

We provide specialist valuation support for
businesses needing to satisfy financial reporting and tax requirements, as well as make smart, informed, value-driven commercial decisions.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes – and we’ve dealt with the full spectrum.

We’ve worked with everyone from small family business to large ASX listed companies, and have the experience and ability to value any business, in almost any industry.​

But regardless of size, every business is unique, we give every valuation our full attention and care.

Valuing a business is one thing – the value of equity or shares in that business is a whole different story.

Equity values are impacted by debt and other non-operating assets and liabilities that are owned by the Company, but not necessarily used in day-to-day business operations. Individual shares may have different rights, restrictions or other features that can cause a drastically different valuation to the Business or the Company.

The ‘intangible’ value of a Business is often the most significant part – but intangible asset values aren’t easy to grasp.

They are the things you can’t ‘touch and feel’ – Brands, Customers, Intellectual Property, Know-how, or that catch-all intangible asset of Goodwill. Regardless of how obscure or intangible the asset, we can put a value on it.

We’ve valued hundreds of employee incentive schemes from the most basic to extremely complex with a variety of performance conditions.

Whether its Options, Performance Rights, Loan Share Plans, Phantom Equity, or any other creative plan, getting the ‘Fair Value’ right is critical for alignment of staff, management and shareholders – as well as for allocating and accounting under AASB 2 reporting requirements.

Our other services

If your company has issued Convertible Notes, Warrants, Options or other derivative-like instruments, they’ll probably need to be valued for financial reporting purposes under AASB 9 Financial Instruments – we are specialists at valuing the most complex of these instruments.

If your company has Goodwill on its balance sheet, you’ll be testing this at least every year to make sure there’s no impairment needed – we are experts in providing support for impairment analysis who can work seamlessly and commercially with your auditors to satisfy AASB 136 Impairment of Assets.

We have the deep technical experience to construct a rock-solid discount rate from first principles – combined with the commercial experience to understand the impact of risk on required returns on investment.

Inventory ‘fair values’ for accounting aren’t necessarily the same as ‘market values’ for tax purposes. There can be important tax implications from assessing the market value of inventory, particularly following a business transaction.

We have experience building awesome financial forecast models for transactions and in-house investment analysis and decision making – all user-friendly and providing you with the information you need most at your fingertips.

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